About Us

Palouse Cares is a Non-Profit Charity that started out as a vision of a few people and has turned into a multi-community-supported, sponsored, and organized event. The goal of Palouse Cares is to ensure that children  on the Palouse are fed, educated, cared for, and supported. We strive to meet these specific goals every year and constantly remind ourselves of the smiling faces that receive the benefit of our community’s goodwill. We hope you will participate with Palouse Cares this year. Whether monetarily, with donations, with your time, or all three! Besides our love, our labor is often the most valuable thing we have to share.

Planning is now underway for our 14th Anniversary of Palouse Cares which includes Door-to-Door Food Drives & Public Auctions, we are looking for volunteers. Click to sign-up to volunteer—or simply just show up!

501 (3) c non-profit charity.  For more information on how to donate or volunteer, contact Rick Minard at (208) 310-1745 or rickminard83843@gmail.com for more details.