Rooted in our community. Helping children grow.

Donations support food banks and non-profit organizations in Whitman and Latah county.

2023 recipients include:

  • Albion Food Bank
  • Backyard Harvest
  • Community Action Center – Pullman
  • Colfax Food Bank
  • Colton-Uniontown Food Bank
  • Deary Food Bank
  • Family Promis
  • Garfield Food Bank
  • Genesee Food Bank
  • Inland Oasis
  • Juliaetta-Kendrick Food Bank
  • Moscow Food Bank
  • Northwest Cancer Foundation of Hope
  • Palouse Food Bank
  • Potlatch Food Bank
  • Pullman Child Welfare
  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Troy Food Bank

We Work Together

The goal of Palouse Cares is to ensure that children on the Palouse are fed, educated, cared for, and supported. We strive to meet these specific goals every year and constantly remind ourselves of the smiling faces that receive the benefit of our community’s goodwill.


Helped People